First Row : (L to R ) Rahul Sathe, Ramprasad Akkisetti, Christopher Benninger, Daraius Choksi, Siddharth Benninger Second Row : (L to R )  Gaurav Inamdar, Noel Jerald V, Shivaji Karekar, Bhushan Pise, Sundar Bommaji, Rahul Deshmukh, Third Row : (L to R ) Aswathy Ganesh, Rajendra Patil, Jasmeet Kaur Jite, , Mandar Mhaskar, Bhargav Khurjekar, Pankaj Bhagwatkar, Sahil Pherwani Fourth Row : (L to R ) Saloni Gupta, Juzer Furniturewala,Rohan Jadhav,  Neeraj Nijampurkar, Shaina Reuben, Robin Benny, Komal Mandoliya, Alex Wilson   Fifth Row : (L to R ) Advait Kulkarni, Nikhil Kalambe, Sneha Patil, Rishaad Amlani, Devaki Bandal,  Tanay Shah, Darshan Lineswala Sixth Row : (L to R ) Arushi Sharma, Pranav Kakade, Shravani Nigudkar, Shantanu Juker, Samdhen Lhendup , Shantaram Shinde, Geeta Kedari, Chetna Saner Seventh Row : (L to R ) Krishnadas Vadgama, Sri Krishna Akkisetti,  Akbar Hussain,  Seetaram Saw, Mehboob Sheikh , Baidyanath Gupta , Hariprasad Saw

A culturally diverse team of young architects and support staff, over the past two decades, has won nearly a hundred prestigious national and international awards. Over the years CCBA has built an enormous pool of knowledge and experience. Many young architects have traveled long distances to work with the studio. A healthy atmosphere in the studio generates deliberations leading to well thought out and articulate designs. Youngsters in the studio employ their exceptional talents through advanced digital simulation, to explore massing compositions, inter-spatial relationships, and contextual issues leading to refined spaces emanating from Benninger’s simple hand sketches. The final designs of the studio are an outcome of numerous iterations exploring diverse assumptions and possibilities. Young architects who came to explore their individual potentials subsequently moved on to establish nationally recognized, award-winning practices.

The firm strictly believes in enhancing education opportunities for architecture students. Each year up to 6 undergraduates are offered internship at CCBA for a period of continuous six months or more. This opportunity gives them practical experience as well as exposure to the live projects that are becoming a reality. Interns return back to their colleges with increased confidence and on graduation often come back to work with CCBA as fresh graduates.

The firm strives to be an equal opportunity employer. All staffs are recruited irrespective of their age, gender, disability, sexual orientation, religious belief, or ethnicity. A strong team of young architects and support staff of 40 members over the past two decades won nearly 50 prestigious national and international awards and nominations. All architects working with the firm are also registered with the Council of Architecture.

First Row : (L to R ) Krishnadas Vadgama, Daraius Choksi, Rahul Sathe, Christopher Benninger, Ramprasad Akkisetti, Shivaji Karekar  Second Row : (L to R ) Shiksha Jalla, Hasan Motorwala, Saloni Gupta, Sanjay Sangepu, Simran Patil, Chandrakant Patil, Chetna Saner, Geeta Kedari, Rahul Deshmukh, Komal Mandoliya, Mandar Mhaskar, Surbhi Ghodke, Sahil Pherwani, Devyani Shekhawat, Rohan Jadhav, Neeraj Nijampurkar  Third Row : (L to R ) Akbar hussain, Shantaram Shinde, Bhushan Pise, Gaurav Inamdar, Sundar Bommaji, Jasmeet Kaur Jite, Alex Wilson, Shweta Hingane, Juzer Furniturewala, Vivek Panchal, Gayathri Venkatraman, Robin Benny Seated Right Corner : (F to B ) Hariprasad Saw, Mehboob Sheikh, Seetaram Saw  Absentee: Noel Jerald V,  Bhargav Khurjekar, Ashwathy Ganesh, Shaina Reuben, Sri Krishna Akkisetti, Pankaj Bhagwatkar