Ar. Shivaji Karekar

Shivaji is an Alumni of B.K.P.S. college of Architecture; Pune from where he graduated in 2002 has been associated with firm ever since his graduation, working in both Bhutan and India studio.Shivaji began his career as a junior architect on NAGALOKA Buddhist training institute where he has been exposed to a strong architectural vocabulary of exposed brick and fair finished concrete design. He also experience site visits which gave him site experience which helped him cultivating an eye for such kind of buildings.

Now as an Associate architect he leads the team of three projects (Kirloskar Institute of advanced management studies Pune, Life care Multispecialty hospital at Udgir, Nagaloka Buddhist training institute at Nagpur).He took sabbatical of one and half year wherein he designed and executed country side houses as a freelancer. He has extensive site experience.

He was selected in the top 50 next-generation architects by Architect & Interiors Magazine, iGEN Design Forum 2016.His hobbies include design, working details related to architecture and trekking, and cycling.