Thimphu, Bhutan

The High End Resort at Neysergang is envisaged as a place for holistic natural healing and total wellness, which is built on the principals of sustainable living demonstrated through examples, education and explorations.

It espousĀ­es an approach of overall well-being achieved through a combination of holistic treatments, energising movements, organic cuisine, good-living philosophies and the aura of an exceptionally beautiful and reinvigorating natural environment.

The approach attempts a balance within each individual, and between their context, of the physical, the mental and the spiritual.

The design for the resort attempts to take this vision and create a place which encompasses these ideas into the physical realms of the traditional Bhutanese ways of orĀ­ganizing and constructing built environments in a manner where there is a strong relationship with the nature and the built fabric.

LocationThimphu, Bhutan

Built Up Area14,697 Square Meters

Site Area8 Acres



Prime Contractor



Visualizations : Bhargav Khurjekar

Design Team

Prof. Christopher Benninger, Rahul Sathe, Daraius Choksi, Deepak Kaw, Shivaji Karekar and Vivek Panchal