Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India

The Urban Governance Center at Masab Tank houses the Department of Town and Country Planning and the Andhra Pradesh Urban Finance and Infrastructure Development Corporation offices.

The total built-up area is 9750 square meters, of which 3529 square meters is a two level parking basement, accommodating 35 cars and 130 two wheelers. This is a ground plus five level structures with each level covering 990 square meters, and divided between the respective agencies. There is a common utilities core that includes fire stairs, lifts, toilets, elevators, vertical risers and pantries. The common wall between the lobbies houses an emergency door. The ground level is designed to accommodate the large influx of citizens who visit the complex daily. There are lobbies, security checks and an exhibition area.

The structural system is a flat slab spanning 16.275 meters, leaving the floor plates completely free of columns. Modular furniture and partitions can be used flexibly and can be re-arranged when changes are needed. Seismic design is applied.

The building is a ‘no-frills” government investment, yet sophisticated in its appearances. The building lines are simplistic and based on a 1.2 meter building system module and cladded with Sandstone. Located in the heart of the city, the building sits on a landscaped plot with generous pedestrian walk ways. Parking is arranged so that passengers do not cross-walk drive ways.

The entire building is covered by fixed Perforated Jaali that blocks all direct sun from touching the interior glass walls. With its high conductivity, the aluminium immediately ejects any heat radiation. A 0.9 meter buffer zone cools the exterior while allowing light within. The cost and energy waste of air conditioning is reduced by 30% meaning a cooler working environment at no extra running cost. Further indirect light filters into the work area, drastically reducing the need for artificial illumination. Dual piping recycles gray water into the landscape system. Non-toxic materials are used throughout the structure with zero chemical radiation. Rapidly renewable and regionally sourced materials are used to cut the carbon foot print created during construction.

LocationHyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India

Built Up Area9,750 Square Meters

Site Area2.76 acres



DT&CP and APUFIDC Hyderabad

Prime Contractor

Chabbras Associates


Project Managed by : Public Health Department, Hyderabad

Landscape Design : CCBA Designs, Pune

Structural Design : MAPE Connoisseurs, Hyderabad

Utility Design:

Electrical : Narayan Bhosekar Associates, Hyderabad

Plumbing, HVAC and Firefighting : Synergy Infra, Hyderabad


Ramprasad Akkisetti

Visualization : V Noel Jerald

Design Team

Prof. Christopher Benninger, Rahul Sathe, Daraius Choksi, V Noel Jerald,  Madhu A, Ketaki Kadam,Srujana Paruchuri, Pankaj Bhagwatkar, Sana Raza, Lovleen Brar and Swagata das