Thimphu, Bhutan

The United Nations is working in Bhutan as a nodal agency for its various sub-agencies. To monitor the working of these various organizations UN decided to create a country head quarter for their co-ordinated operations.

The Site chosen was little away from the city centre of Thimphu and situated on a higher level which gave it a commanding view of the valley. The UN House is a modern adoption of Traditional Architectural styles of Bhutan.

The main idea was to create a central court with offices opening / overlooking the same. The natural slope of the site reflects itself in the building plan with a partial sunken floor nesting in the slope of the site.

Key factors in the design were the layout of offices dictated by the UN team and the extra measures inserted into the building fabric for enhanced security. A simple plan with modern layouts and functions enveloped in a traditional building fabric.



LocationThimphu, Bhutan

Built Up Area6,150 Square Meters

Site Area0.38 Acres



United Nations

Prime Contractor

Lhaki Construction, Bhutan


Interior Design : CCBA Pvt Ltd, Pune


Ramprasad Akkisetti and Deepak Kaw

Design Team

Prof. Christopher Benninger, Rahul Sathe, Deepak Kaw, Erwin Pimenta, Rajesh Sharma and Bhushan Pise