Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India

State Bank of Hyderabad Head Office Complex is the corporate headquarters of “The State Bank of Hyderabad”. The office campus would be a mirror of the values and vision of the patrons who would commission it.  Instead of a tall, glass box on a congested site, it is spread out in the form of a campus. It sits on a corner site, presenting an opportunity in providing the Campus with a unique identity.  A tall conical frustum reflects the idea of a “Gopuram”, representing the “Temple of Wealth” that greets passersby. This houses the Campus’s local branch and ties in with the remaining urban fabric.  A diagonal axis conceived to run across the site, visually connects the two roads through a multilevel street that connects the office blocks too.  The avenue is flanked by two high walls, with the North wall higher than the South wall.  This helps in two ways: one, by getting the North light in, and two, being able to put Solar PV panels on the inclined surface.  The Avenue or “Business Street” divides the campus into North & South sides.  The North side wall has openings that receive diffused sunlight, giving a soothing wash to the interior office spaces.  The South side wall has reduced number of openings which are protected by either vegetation, louvers or pergolas.  The service core is also taken on this wall.  To further enhance shading in between buildings, to reduce heat gain, the height of the buildings reduce with the tallest to the South West of the site.

State Bank of Hyderabad Head Office Campus derives its inspiration from the traditional Indian bazaars, which were the forerunners for business and banking. Both employ an interpositioning of private and public spaces, along a main street that balance one another. Both have strong horizontal elements that tie the complexes together and accent features that emphasize quadrants and sacred places, like the gopura at Meenakshi. The traditional business street is a multi-storied structure, with the shop (place of business) at the street level, with one or more additional levels to conduct business.  On the upper levels, were the more private spaces.  The shop on the street maintains its scale with the adjoining buildings by employing modular construction, whose components are expressed, gifting the structure scale and proportions.

In these traditional precedents there are also water bodies and open courtyards, as in the State Bank of Hyderabad Campus! At the ground level lies a central spine “The Business Street” that accesses  public spaces like pavilions, cafes, a local branch of the bank, and allowing the “borrowing” of visual experiences, as one travels along its length.  From here vertical cores (elevator banks or staircases) take you to your place of work.  These great rich traditional bazaars inspired the architecture as a starting point.

From their legacy of concepts we selected motifs, components and elements to build a modern garden office campus, with a modern function. To these we transposed motifs like the Gopuram, which is a traditional “marker” in the Southern region. This became the central iconic structure, a gateway to the campus that would house the local bank. The east west axis of the spine began to line out an auspicious, ordinate axis and gave sequences to intersecting axis that unite the complex into one whole.

LocationHyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India

Built Up Area40,954 Square Meters

Site Area5 acres



State Bank of Hyderabad

Prime Contractor


Landscape Design: CCBA Designs, Pune

Interior Design: CCBA Designs, Pune


Visualizations : Nikita Oak and Sudhaman A

Design Team

Nikita Oak, Daraius Choksi, Rahul Sathe, Madhu A, Sudhaman A, Pankaj Bhagwatkar and Kanchan Bhat