Moshi, Pune, Maharashtra, India

The project envisions around twelve million square feet of saleable space, twenty- four thousand car parking bays, a Metro station, a Gateway, an internal mono-rail and un­derground parking pods serving six Urban Villages. A lake with a Marina, a large Pune Eye Wheel, a world class exhibition center, hotels and conference facilities enhance the project. Business, IT, incubation, financial and research activities occur in Landscrapers that float on stilts over low rise, walkup “villages” where movement is pedestrian, cozy and convivial. One Hundred Thousand persons will be daily visitors, or be employed in, the World Exhibition City.

The World Exhibition City will be the most defined and the most diverse Ur­ban Hub in the Pune Metropolitan Region. A skywalk will connect the Metro Station to the entrance to this hub would be through a City Gateway, a massive “porch like” pavilion. The City Gateway will not be a mere gate in the sense of a physical portal, but as a modern transport hub, designed much like an international airport terminal, with arrival and departure lounges. It is a multimodal terminal! An internal monorail “sky train” loops around the entire site stopping at six Urban Villages and two intermediate stations. The main terminus is under this City Gateway.

Arterial roads enclose the edges of the site and feed into parallel service lanes accessing ramps to underground “Parking Pods”. Each of the Parking Pods ac­commodate about three thousand automobiles, and has its own Central Terminus from where one ascends to the ground level, and on up to a monorail stop. Instead of skyscrapers, the project employs Landscapers whose entries are in the basements and on the pedestrian level.

At the ground level one embarks into various themed Urban Villages. All the vil­lages are of mixed use and can be covered by foot within a ten minute walking radius from a monorail stop. But each Urban Village has an economic lead sector driving its success. Each Urban Village will have its own “branded” ambience and character.

The series of Landscrapers snake across the landscape accommodating hotels, long stay apartments, business parks and IT buildings with conference facilities, recreation, sports, shopping malls and cultural activities nestled beneath them.

LocationMoshi, Pune, Maharashtra, India

Built Up Area2,14,051 Square Meters

Site Area248 Acres




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Visulaizations : Sundar B

Design Team

Daraius Choksi, Rahul Sathe,,Sundar B, Sudhaman A, Noel Jerald V, Sachin Deo and Kamal Ajwani