Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India

The Nettur Technical Training Foundation (NTTF) imparts technical training to over nine thousand students at thirty locations, responding to India’s requirement for technically qualified youngsters to operate its growing industrial sector. The foundation desires to develop a design prototype for future campuses, having appropriate architecture and technical facilities.

The two and a half hectares site is located ten kilometers from the town of Vellore, catering to over fifteen hundred students, with hostel facilities for six hundred boys and girls.  The design strategy places an iconic workshop within an academic quadrangle. The workshop, though fully glazed on the exterior, is covered with an aluminum Jaali envelope, shielding it from direct heat and glare, and cooled by roof mounted turbo ventilators. The academic quadrangle is landscaped with paving, a series of lotus pools and trees.  The strategy is to maintain a low, walk-up building fabric resulting in a plan spreading over the relatively small site.

Arranged around the circular workshop are two levels of laboratories, classrooms, administrative spaces and catering areas. Two of the four corner entrances lead to the girls’ and boys’ hostels respectively, with the catering center in between. The other entries are the main entrance for visitors and an entrance for students coming in from their parking area and out of doors activities.

The building language is comprised of form finished concrete fins, vaults and structural spanning systems, with relief murals cast in the concrete. External walls are plastered with horizontal groves. Fenestration and natural stone floors follow the modular pattern of the vaults and structural system.




LocationVellore, Tamil Nadu, India

Built Up Area14,076 Square Meters

Site Area4.89 Acres



Nettur Technical Training Foundation

Prime Contractor

Prime Contractor CICON Engineers, Bengaluru



Structural Design Delcons Consultants, Pune

Landscape Design Ravi & Varsha Gavandi Landscape Architects, Pune

MEP Design MAPLE Service Consultants, Bengaluru

Construction Management Raja Reddy, Jagadeesh KM and Singaraj



Ramprasad Akkisetti and Deepak Kaw

Design Team

Daraius Choksi, Rahul Sathe, Noel Jerald V, Sachin Deo, Sweta Parab, Payal Chaudhari, Sagar Shah, Shailesh Pathak, Sahil Pherwani and Jasmeet Kaur Jite