The ‘Master Plan for the New Town Development at Denchi is based on the themes, concepts and ideas that define bespoke planning and urban design principles.

The Denchi Master Plan Project consultancy is broken into three parts, Research and Documentation of the Existing Scenario; Analytical Studies; and Preparation of Master Plan.  The preparation of the Denchi Master Plan was meant to initiate that process, by suggesting some initial ideas.

Thus, this Master Plan facilitated discussions amongst the people of Denchi, as represented through various “stake holders” in the urban community, regarding the quality of life and livability of the town in the future and discussions at the highest level of government regarding the role of the town in the national development context, in projecting an image of the town and its role as the regional icon of Bhutanese culture and urbanity.

It linked the urban planning with ecological sustainability, growth in national intellectual capability and national wealth creation. In essence, the Master Plan proposal was not in any way meant to be a final plan of Denchi but on the contrary, this proposal was meant to initiate detailed dialogues between various “actors” who would be instrumental in determining the future of Denchi. A Master Plan will emerge from these dialogues.


Built Up Area0.47 Square Kilometers

Site Area0.47 Square Kilometers



DUDES, MoWHS, Royal Government of Bhutan


Prime Contractor



Design Team

Prof. Christopher Benninger, Rahul Sathe, Deepak Kaw, Sundar Bomazee, Darshana Gothi