Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

The Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies is a pioneering center of business management research and teaching. The institute began its work in a makeshift building over a half-century ago, and is shifting to a new one-hectare site in the suburbs at the new campus of the Mumbai University.  To identity an architect for this project an invited competition was sponsored.

The design intension was to create a building that would be insulated from the chaotic arterial road, and within itself encompass an oasis of green landscapes accommodating quiet teaching, study, research and faculty areas. The site location, along a busy arterial road, was instrumental in the design of a long façade with controlled apertures at the ground level for privacy and noise control.  Arches along the upper level open an arcade that provides access to classrooms. The strategy was to create a strong façade behind which a quiet interior atrium, surrounded by academic facilities, would be located.

The building is spread over a raised podium with parking and utilities under it. One enters from the street, which is a half level between the parking basement below and the central podium above. Walking up to the interior plaza one finds a welcome center, auditorium, cafes, exhibition area and large lecture halls around a central, planted garden. The auditorium steps down into the parking basement. The two levels over the auditorium are dedicated to the library, over which the institute’s executive facilities are located. The rest of the structure is devoted to classrooms, breakout areas for students and syndicate rooms.

The design is a response to the need for educational facilities, with complex building programs, in high-density urban fabrics.

LocationMumbai, Maharashtra, India

Built Up Area43,706 Square Meters

Site Area2.5 Acres



Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies

Prime Contractor



Visualization : Bhargav Khurjekar



Design Team

Prof. Christopher Benninger, Rahul Sathe, Daraius Choksi, Madhu Ambidi, Chaitanya Padhye and Bhargav Khurjekar