Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

The Air-conditioned, indoor stadium at Ahmedabad is more than a mere sporting centre! Seating seven thousand spectators in air-conditioned comfort, it can accommodate media events, auto shows, festivals, conventions, lectures, music and drama programs, exhibitions and sports! This is a city level facility that links the old city and the new city, and integrates the diverse cultures and communities which compose the metropolitan region of Ahmedabad.  As the only air-conditioned facility of its scale in the state of Gujarat, it will play a key role in promoting the state’s emerging new economy. This facility is as much a civic centre as a stadium, as it houses an ice skating rink, planetarium, lecture hall, health clubs, games halls, gymnasium, E-library and related shops.

The stadium forms part of the Kankaria Lake recreational district of Ahmedabad. Here there is a large swimming pool, amusement park, children’s park, zoo, open air lecture ground, Dutch tombs, food stalls and many others activities.

The focal point of the district is the Kankaria Lake with an ancient pleasure palace in the centre. The entire district is being transformed through a new pedestrian urban design. The vehicles will be routed around the perimeter, as per an urban design concept of Bimal Patel. All the activities about the lake are recreational, ground level and under tree canopies. The stadium is set behind the zoo along the main artery to the walled city area. Thus, the site is located in the heart of Ahmedabad city connecting the post-independent middle class suburb of Maninagar to the ancient city. A 500 room five star hotel will share the city block with the stadium, accommodating up to one thousand participants and spectators.

The structural design is a composite concrete and light weight steel framework, using tensile fabric in the ceiling to provide natural light during daytime and to radiate a beautiful glow at night. The initial structural concept is architect driven on an “intuitive model” and the detailed structural design is being made by Massimo Majowiecki in Rome.

The entire nine acre site is pedestrianised with vehicles, VIPs entrance and event “stars” entering the stadium from behind where there is a double level 500 automobile, underground garage that also parks 1500 two wheelers and a thousand bicycles. The forecourt of the stadium is a large plaza with a shade island, seats and ample space for crowds of visitors to comfortably and safely gather. Ramps lead up to a podium level plaza that links into the multi-functional facility, keeping the less densely used activities at the two peripheral nodes.

As the largest indoor meeting place in the state of Gujarat, the new Indoor Air-conditioned Stadium will create a public image of the city, carried in the memories of all visitors. The soaring buttresses and flying, tubular trusses create an urban sculpture ushering in a new age and civil society.

LocationAhmedabad, Gujarat, India

Built Up Area26,316 Square Meters

Site Area4.80 Acres



Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation – Ahmedabad

Prime Contractor



Visualization : Sudhaman A and Jagdeesh Taluri

Design Team

Prof. Christopher Benninger, Daraius Choksi, Rahul Sathe, Jagdeesh Taluri, Sudhaman A and V Noel Jerald