Hyderabad, Telengana, India

With the opening of the economy in the 1990’s India witnessed a dramatic growth in the pharmaceutical sector, with Dr. Reddy Laboratories in Hyderabad becoming the fastest growing pharmacy company in Asia. This was also an era when corporates sought to brand themselves. The late Dr. Anji Reddy, who founded the company, envisioned the corporate headquarters building as an “icon” for the city of Hyderabad, which was emerging as a center of knowledge based commerce.

This assignment offered the studio an opportunity to explore a concept it had been studying for some years. The building was envisioned as one integral tetrahedron anchored around a central concrete core. This core houses elevators, fire stairs and vertical risers. This central tower would maintain its plan shape floor to floor, and would feed the steel lattice with integrated mechanical systems. In this system the top-level and the bottom level floor plans were identical in shape, but turned perpendicular to one another (see adjoining page). The middle floor was a square. At the roof level the tetrahedron’s beams cover a shaded garden and mechanical equipment. At the ground level the structure is resolved by raising the tetrahedron off of the ground with its diagonal membranes crisscrossing onto a large podium. The podium stepped down the raised site to an arterial road where there are entrances into a multilevel, subterranean parking facility and utilities area. The stepped podium was developed as a landscaped garden.

The geometry of this structure results in two facades facing downwards towards the landscaped gardens, where no sunlight can touch them. On these facades reflective glass is employed such that people in the stepped garden, or those entering the campus from the road, look up and see a mirrored image of themselves and the gardens in the sky. The upward facades are covered with photovoltaic panels that protect the interiors from harsh sunlight and generate electricity.

LocationHyderabad, Telengana, India

Built Up Area

Site Area



Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories

Prime Contractor



Ramprasad Akkisetti


Design Team

Prof. Christopher Benninger, Santosh M.P and Mahesh Radhakrishnan