The service center of Damphu provides a hospital, secondary schools and administrative offices and workshops that reach out to a larger area of villages and towns in south-central Bhutan. There are also wholesaling, repair and economic support facilities and services, including a weekly market, petroleum depot, bank, telephone exchange, sub-station, internet cafes, warehouses, and technical support personnel.

At the core of the town is a retailing precinct, with arcaded shops surrounding a pedestrian garden lane of shaded trees. The new structure plan for Damphu will create an institutional precinct to house colleges and technical training facilities. There will be an open space system allowing pedestrian movement between recreation, sport, garden and conservation areas.

A bye-pass road, diverting future traffic moving from southern to northern Bhutan, will avoid congestion and accidents. The central retail core will be pedestrianized with a loop artery around it servicing parking nodes. The town will form a node in a proposed Bhutan tourist triangle. A range of hospitality facilities will be connected through the “green fingers” of the open space system to the cozy, central town core.


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Prof. Christopher Benninger