Pune, Maharashtra, India

The project was conceptualized considering as a live demonstration project for the students of mechanical and electronic fields with a hands on approach to understanding the functioning of solar panels. Hence, the layout is a minimalist one combining both aesthetics and functionality.

The site is located at the far end of the north campus where an existing cafeteria was present. As this existing structure had a much smaller footprint the surroundings had a number of trees. Whilst expanding the footprint care was taken to retain all the foliage.

With a seating capacity of over two hundred and fifty this self-sufficient cafeteria is equipped with a small kitchen as well as ancillary areas. The capacity is enough to cover up for the shortfall in similar interactive spaces in the campus.

The roof is a simple and minimalistc detailed steel truss. Sloping steeply to the south it is ideally suited to get the maximum efficiency of the solar panels. The other facades are detailed in brightly coloured glass panels giving a vibrant and lively look to this go to destination for the students.

LocationPune, Maharashtra, India

Built Up Area720 Square Meters

Site Area1.20 Acres



College Of Engineerig, Pune

Prime Contractor

M/s S.T Biradar Engineers & Contractors Pvt. Ltd.


Structural Design : College Of Engineering, Pune

Landscape Design : CCBA Designs, Pune

Interior Design : CCBA Designs, Pune


Design Team

Prof. Christopher Benninger, Rahul Sathe, Daraius Choksi, Bhavin Patel, Abizar Teawala and Vivek Panchal