Chakur, Latur District, Maharashtra, India

The Border Security Force has decided to create an academy which will train a range of personnel to protect India’s boarders. A Master Plan for this facility has been prepared and construction work has begun. This facility is located at Chakur, in Latur District of Maharashtra. The expansive site includes a large percolation tank which stores water year-round, cooling the breezes which drift over it toward the academy’s site, which is raised upon a plateau about one hundred feet above the water. Thus, one of the attributes of the site is the expansive views across water toward sunsets, forests and farmlands in a vast landscape, which is accented by a major temple visible in the distance. The Guest House is located on a projecting spur of land affording views to the South, West and North-West.

This Guest House supports the operations of the academy and will house senior officers and their personal aides. There are suites for officers, and two dormitories housing their aides. Two VVIP Suites accommodate very senior statesmen and officers who will attend important ceremonies of the academy, such as Passing-Out Parades. There is a well fitted kitchen, serving two dining halls, and having an independent service access. A Multi-purpose hall compliments the Guest House. The facility can also act as an Officer’s Mess accommodating officers whose families cannot accompany them.

This facility is laid out along the spine of the plateau, creating a village–like Pedestrian Street that inter-links all of the functions. An administration area acts as a gateway into the area, from where visitors emerge into the Village Street and walk a short distance to their suites and common functions. Stairs and ramps reach down from the Village Street to interconnect the two distinct elevations of accommodation, one over-looking the other, with the lower level being accessed by a service road from below. A tall water tank acts as a landmark, just before one reaches the Sunset Point, which is also visible through the large windows of the Multi-purpose Hall.

All of the structures are oriented so that they address distant views from private “sit-outs” shaded by trees. Intimate, internal gardens lend an ambiance of peace and contemplation within, reflecting the local courtyard houses of the region. The structures employ local Basalt stone for bearing walls, Kota stone for floors and local Shahbad Stone for exterior walkways. The roofs are raised to catch natural light and breezes and are covered with metal roof sheets for ease of maintenance. A landscape concept arranges trees in a manner that they frame and align views. All of the bio-mass is drawn from local species such that the ecology of the site is enhanced. The over-all landscape plan is based on a watershed management approach employing contour bunds, nalla bunds, bund planting and small collection pools at various levels along the hill-scape. The concept is one of creating a peaceful “destination” that will leave iconic memories with those who have spent a few moments of their life at the Chakur Guest House.

LocationChakur, Latur District, Maharashtra, India

Built Up Area4,146 Square Meters

Site Area609 Acres



Border Security Force India

Prime Contractor



Visualizations : Kshama Hippergekar

Design Team

Prof. Christopher Benninger, Shivaji Karekar, Daraius Choksi, Rahul Sathe and Kshama Hippergekar