Pune, Maharashtra, India

“A house in a garden” and a “garden within a house.”

  • A experiential sequence of spaces, visual events, moods, and emotive experiences supportive of related functional requirements and mental frame work;
  • The ambiance is high-tech global while unmistakably in India;
  • A complex that ages gracefully and is timeless in it’s architecture and natural environment;
  • The building reaches green; it is sustainable, location specific and respects it’s environs;
  • The interior work spaces are an extension of the outdoors and the two integrate seamlessly;
  • A place of development and learning that works to realize the potential of a just, equitable, humane and sustainable society;
  • A place where people improve themselves in dignity, peace, harmony and human well being;
  • A center of excellence for human resource development: core values of The Bajaj Auto / critical processes that reflect these values

Organizational structure that supports and actualizes this vision

  • A well conceived, articulated and considered Master Plan;
  • A great place for learning and working;
  • A vibrant milieu;
  • Allowing growth, adaptability and flexibility;
  • All inclusive (gender, age, disability, special needs);
  • Reflecting human scale and is linked with nature.

In the journey through a building, one should always try to achieve the transition between the exterior and interior spaces in such a way that, you do not realize where one space ends and the other begins.


LocationPune, Maharashtra, India

Built Up Area9278 Square Meters

Site Area8.9 Acres



Bajaj Motors, Pune

Prime Contractor



Visualizations : A.  Madhu

Design Team

Prof. Christopher Benninger, Pankaj Bhagwatkar, A.  Madhu, Chaitanya padhye