Pune, Maharashtra, India

The KEM hospital is the largest non-government hospital in Pune. The hospital has the largest reach into poor communities and low income households. It offers more free and subsidized services than any other non-government hospital in the city. At the same time KEM is dedicated to equal treatment for all patients regardless of their ability to pay. Whether government or non-government the KEM is a top ranked facility, offering state of the art treatment to all patients according to need. This noble mission is possible due to the dedication of stalwarts in a range of medical specialties who work tirelessly to deliver personalized treatment to each patient with a strong consulting group attending to the psychological needs of patients and families.

In order to deliver such a range of services to such a diverse population group, KEM must operate an economic model that attracts high end patients whose fees cross- subsidize lower end patients. To meet this challenge, the architects are committed to the creation of world class technical facility with a world class ambiance. The facility must be efficient, easy to maintain, doctor friendly, peaceful and a delightful place to reside. The rooms will be comparable to good starred hotels, commensurate with the high level of services offered.

While located in an over built and cramped urban environment, movement in and out of the hospital campus must be seamless, obvious and easy. A new parking garage, accommodating over 250 vehicles will radically alter the patient and doctor “experience”. The new hospital wing will cater to high-end patients, welcoming them into a large entry lobby, employing high-end air conditioning, acoustics, Wi-Fi and communications. Rooms shall have views from large windows, an extra bed for the relatives and all of the facilities found in a stared hotel. The new hospital wing includes an administration area, four operation theaters, twenty ICU beds, twenty three PICU beds, ten step down ICU beds, eighty four private room beds, nine pre and postoperative beds.

While balancing out the economic model, the new garage and hospital wing will free-up open space to accommodate the huge “footfall” on the campus. Presently open spaces are all cluttered with parked vehicles. These areas can become wonderful “catchment zones” to accommodate relatives and visitors who need comfortable places to relax and wait. These new arrangements are the first two big steps that will transform the KEM operations and experience. Our mission as architects is to be a key player in making KEM hospital number one in social outreach, number one in care and facilities; and number one in environment and ambiance.

LocationPune, Maharashtra, India

Built Up AreaParking Tower : 7151 Square Meters, Hospital : 15,600 Square Meters

Site Area4.3 Acres



K.E.M Hospital

Prime Contractor



Visualization : Rahul Deshmukh

Design Team

Prof. Christopher Benninger, Daraius Choksi, Shivaji Karekar and Rahul Deshmukh