Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

This fifty plus villa residential scheme was built on the outskirts of Ahmedabad besides an already existing scheme of the same developer. This scheme of 3 and 4 bedroom units was built in the backdrop of the earthquake of 2001. The need was to have small sized, compact family villas which would not echo dense urbanization. Due to site and access limitations the master plan was executed with a loop road. The common space was designed by a Gazebo and a standalone water tank tower.

Each villa was spread over two levels. Open space in the front made space for off street parking and a landscaped forecourt. A traditional porch with an “otta” welcomes one before entering the house. The porch was also the link between two adjacent units.

The open rear space had provision for a small kitchen garden and washing space. The lower level has an open kitchen-dining, a living space and a bed room. Large French windows open onto the landscaped fore ground. The upper level has two bedrooms with attached terraces.

A limited but well-articulated building vocabulary with box windows, spouts and façade features unifies the scheme. The street scape is highly articulated and low high  porbandar stone walls visually demarcates the shared and private spaces.


LocationAhmedabad, Gujarat, India

Built Up Area6,230 Square Meters

Site Area6,230 Square Meters



Gala Builders, Ahmedabad

Prime Contractor


Landscape Design :  CCBA Designs, Pune

Interior Design: CCBA Designs, Pune

Structural Design: Lavingia Consultants, Ahmedabad

Utility Design: Soham Consultancy Services, Ahmedabad


Ramprasad Akkisetti

Design Team

Prof. Christopher Benninger, Daraius Choksi and Rahul Sathe