Christopher Charles Benninger Architects is a laboratory of exploration and experimentation. We search and research solutions for our clients’ design problems and aspirations. We analyse the parameters and factors that define physical products, which are affordable, durable, functional, ecological and beautiful.

The firm has always functioned as a studio, only taking up projects involving study, analysis and exploration of visual, spatial, formal, social and technological ideas and concepts related to architecture, urbanism and human settlements.As architects we bring to the context more than just these utilitarian goals…we seek the poetry in the place, the lyricism in the built-forms and vibrancy in the inhabitants’ lives.

As an internationally known ‘design house’ Christopher Charles Benninger Architects creates products ranging from capital cities and new towns; educational campuses and corporate headquarters; housing estates and complexes; hotels and resorts; down to the design of individual chairs and art works. The entire range of materiality plays a role in our search for beauty. In the end, it is not the “things” that we design, but the transcendental experience of the people using them, looking at them, or just being in them, which is the essence. For our studio, the good life exists just a step outside of materiality, in a mystic twilight zone, which we call architecture.

Our endeavor is to create environments, ambiances and milieus, which enrich our clients’ lives and make living a meaningful experience.